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Electronic Engineering Services

We provide the following electronic engineering services:

  • Design verification testing.

  • Debug and repair customer product returns to component level.

  • Debug, repair, and re-certify internal equipment including prototypes.

  • Perform test and certification of repaired product.

Lab Management Services

With proactive Lab Management, many problems can be prevented before they cost you time and money. Labman One will set up a preventive maintenance schedule for your lab equipment to maximize your productivity. Service plans can include turnkey PM systems or complete outsourcing.

Here's a sample list of Lab Management Services offered by Labman One:

  • Provide laboratory organization including:

    • Keeping assembly and rework areas clean and uncluttered.
    • Ensuring tools and consumable items are available for typical lab activity before they run out.
    • ISO certification preparation and documentation assistance
  • Inventory control of laboratory assets including:
    • Capital Equipment. For example, test equipment, environmental chambers, lab benches and chairs
    • Rental Equipment
  • AC and DC electrical power plant  management, maintenance and monitoring.

  • Perform preventive maintenance on equipment to minimize chance of failure and maximize productivity.

  • Project Management of Laboratory expansion / reduction / relocation.

Use our Web based Lab Request System to submit tickets for those times when corrective actions are needed.

Calibration Program Management

Quality standards have special requirements for calibration programs. Here's how Labman One can help:

  • Establish calibration schedules and processes for test equipment calibration and handling.

  • Manage third party calibration of test equipment per calibration schedule.

  • Manage repair of faulty / broken test equipment.

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